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Newcastle United – 19 Jan 13:24

?The next four games will shape and define Liverpool?s entire season?

Manchester United fans welcome the sale of ‘huge flop’ Memphis Depay and insist a buy-back clause isn’t needed, while Chelsea supporters discuss the real reasons behind Oscar’s sale and Liverpool fans prepare for a critical period.

Anything to get off your chest? We’d love to hear from you – join the debate right here.

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The next 12 days will shape Liverpool’s entire season

The next 12 days will define us and can very well shape our season – it all starts with the clash against Swansea on Saturday.
We also have cup games v Wolves and Southampton culminating in the Chelsea game.
I see Swansea coming and parking the bus on Sat. It’s up to us to break them down.
With more or less a full strength team there’s no reason why not. We’re meant to be getting a response back from FIFA tomorrow which will either allow Matip to play or will mean further investigation. The whole thing is a farce. Mistakes made by all parties.
The full 3 points is all that matters on Sat.



Memphis De-Flop! But should United insert a buy-back clause?

Buy back clause in sale agreement, just in case his attitude turns 180 degrees and travels a few hundred miles in the right direction. Talent but no drive. Thought he’d hit the big-time, time to be demoted to average at best.



I stand humbly corrected for defending Memphis and believing in him so much during his first season “problems”. Several posters told me he was pants and I didn’t listen, I also ignored his questionable lifestyle (as reported by media). I really believed that this fella and Schneiderlin would be good signings for us but it turned out that both were so bad that they couldn’t convince van Gaal or Mourinho to start them.

Schneiderlin was particularly disappointing. I was convinced he would slide in smoothly to replace Carrick but it turns out that a 35 year old Carrick was too good for him. Meanwhile, Ander Herrera arrived as a no10 and scored/assisted 14 goals in his first season, he was a predominately attacking player – Herrera adapted into an industrious box to box midfielder and basically took Schneiderlin’s designated position for this season. The emphatic failure of Schneiderlin to earn a start at this club under 2 different managers is an embarrassment to him and to me.

As for Memphis, I hear we have a sell on clause and a buy-back clause. Seems to me that Edward is getting some decent advice for a change.



Memphis only plays for Memphis. No doubt there is talent there but his attitude like many before him is his achilles heel. Strutted round the pitch like he didn’t give a bollix and had 5 balon d’or in his locker. The problem with a lot of recent signings is that the character and attitude has just not been right. Normally Mourinho never has an issue calling players like this out. Will be very interesting to see who he identifies and signs to play in the middle of the park next season. Will also be interesting to see if Shaw gets the bullet like his mate Depay!



What a waste,£36m wasted on a complete dud.One of the biggest flops the PL has ever seen.Like hatters,I too had great expectations from this lad.I`m reading Januzaj might be on his way to France too,would love to see Young,Darmian,Bastian,and Rooney leave this window,with Valencia,Shaw,Carrick,Fellaini,Ibra,Rojo,shipped out in the summer.


A buy-back clause is useless. Lets say he does a de bruyne and starts performing in France and suddenly shows everyone his talent. Why would he want to come back to OT its not like he was given a chance this season?

Maybe if he was from Manchester and came through the system it would have been a different story – he might have been given an extended run in the team and more opportunities.

Sell on clause is a good piece of business though from woodward.

Next on the list should be ashely young. I mean what about this guys attitude? Sitting on his arse collecting £130k and doesn’t play any football but he seems happy with that situation milking the club. Surely as professional footballer you want to be playing football not sitting on the sidelines collecting your hefty wage packet? He should be shipped out ASAP i dont understand why Jose is keeping him – he offers nothing apart from being English.




Is Diego Costa simply trying to get paid what he feels he is worth?

Diego Costa: Left out against Leicester

I think the problem is that being human we all have a value in our own minds of what we are worth in our jobs. If I think I do a better job than the guy next to me then I would probably ask the manager for a rise

Costa is no different. The question is whether his own valuation is the same as Conte’s…!!

Costa is an important component of the Chelsea team and if his form continued over the next few years then we would all expect to win more trophies and believe he is a great striker. Is his input into the team better than Hazard, Kante or Courtois…?

This is where negotiations begin and for the Club they should have set limitations on what we can afford to spend as we all know we need to comply with the new financial rules

Cannot blame Costa asking for money on the back of his performances to date but do feel he has set the bar too high. Then again I would simply take that as his tactics knowing that number will not be met but he makes it clear he wants more than the Club originally offered. KTBFFH



Time for reflection – but where are Arsenal heading?

Arsene Wenger: Offers thoughts on Everton loss

About mid season, time for reflection maybe.
I feel a sense of Déjà vu, this season again. We sit outside top four, our team is lackluster in performance. We started badly with first game and have shown good and bad performances, mainly however, insipid against mediocre teams. United gave us a scare and yet we kicked Chelsea. I think they have improved, so will be interesting on the return game soon.
We sit in the CL with Bayern waiting, again. Whom I feel have our measure.
Injuries have hindered us with long term loss of influential players at crucial times. Cazorla being a huge blow. Same old, same old.
All quiet in the transfer market with promise of “plenty money” for next year.

Are we going anywhere?

Whether you’re WIB, or WOB, we must all see our situation and evaluate, in a sober, logical mind. Are the present fundamentals in place, to lift this club, whom we ALL support. To achieve success in the competitions we measure ourselves in.
I think not. We debate Ad nauseam, on the reasons for our lack of achievement. I have my views, often in conflict with others on this site. This does not in anyway belittle the opposing views and has led to some insightful and illuminating debate, from which I have learned much. One thing, that is common is the passion and love we have for this monster called Arsenal. No one can deny this trait. I know it exists in other teams and supporters. However, we chose Arsenal FC, the Gunners, the Super Reds. I still talk to anyone I see wearing Arsenal colours, or brand. My Dog even has an Arsenal collar, no not a French poodle(I have had one), but a German Anatolian cross!

To close a maudlin reflection. It’s time for change. We need a new evaluation WITH action, to take this Arsenal to the place it should be. Respected and feared, by other teams and their supporters alike. Same old, same old don’t cut it.
Three points from Chelsea please, with a goal feast against Burnley on Sunday.

Gooner for life.



Pretty much a spot on summary of season at this stage, Gooner.
At the point in the season, Chelsea have set the benchmark, even though we beat them comprehensively. They are a much different side now and yet when I look at their team / squad, I think its clear to see that Conte has made a bigger difference to them than anyone and that is what top sides need from a manager.

They are dominating the league with a back 3 that no one would have predicted. One of them is a RB by trade, who spent most of his time at Chelsea playing LB under Jose! Cahill is a solid but probably not top class CB and David Luiz was a laughing stock during his first spell in England. Somehow Conte has taken that and built a solid foundation for a title push. I look at our back 4 and think, they are all quality players but we are not getting the most out of them. Our 2 CBs could play for any team in this league and Bellerin on his day is the best RB in the league. Yet as a collective, they rarely perform consistently to the level we need. Spurs and Chelsea have only conceded 14 and 15 respectively. We have shipped 22. It needs to tighten up quickly.

At the other end of the field, Chelsea have found a dangerous 3 in Pedro, Hazard and Costa. Then again, look a our options. We have actually scored more than Chelsea and Spurs so far but we make life difficult by not keeping them out at the other end and that has left us 8 points off the lead at this stage.

Injuries have absolutely caused us a problem. We can’t replace Santi at the minute and that has to be the priority for Wenger or whoever comes in after him.

Overall I would suggest that so far this season, given the quality in our squad, we have underachieved again. I don’t see Wenger having the ability to get the maximum from this group of players and that is why there should be no new contract on the table.



Allardyce getting the excuses in already at Crystal Palace

I think Big Sam is starting to make excuses already, not entirely convinced he can motivate players but only time will tell. My only argument to the fact that Pardew is to blame for all our problems is that Parish sanctioned all this. At the end of last season we limped home in the league but were on a roll in the FA cup, we needed more firepower and cover for our defence as it wasn’t leaking as badly.

Pardew bought in 2 forwards Benteke $30mill, Remy loan, defence wise Tomkins $10mill, Mandanda free, Mid/Wing Townsend $12mill.

Sam Allardyce: Looking for Palace win

On paper all excellent buys and what we required considering we sold Gayle for $10mill and Bolasie $25mill who were both great deals for the club, for Gayle hardly played and Bolasie was hot and cold though explosive. Jedi is the odd one out but we are unsure whether he was prepared to stay at the club as a back up?

The others bought in Flamini and Benteke J, were just back up on a freebie. Unfortunately take out Soare and Wickham as well as Cabaye early on, poor form by Punch, injury to Steveeee, Dann given captaincy and out of form, we have been found wanting. When you add up the sums Parish didn’t really dig into his pockets nor the American owners as all we spent was $17mill and he made the final decision on who else we could afford. Yes you can say break out the violins but the above speaks for itself as far as this season goes.
PS I am still thankful to Parish and really hope Big Sam can pull him out of the manure he has found himself in with his poor decision making.



Dele Alli’s Real link? Simply a ploy by the Spanish media to get him to La Liga

Dele Ali: Boasts impressive stats for his age

Surely we looking at lazy Marca journalism attempting to engineer interest and bring the player to Real Madrid. Or do you think there’s something in it and Daniel Levy is starting to wipe away some drool from his shiny chin?



Andros Townsend return could boost Newcastle further

Barlaser, Findlay and El Mhanni all had starts, which is very welcome. Shelvey and Ritchie shined. Gouff didn’t play bad himself, in the striker position. El Mhanni too raw, Barlaser needs a couple of games, but Findlay is ready for championship. Good performance, congrats to the lads. Forget Luke Shaw though – I don’t see him dropping down a division, but I can see Andros heading back, cause Big Sam doesn’t know how to play a guy like him.

Imagine Andros on one side, Ritchie on the other… We would be guaranteed the championship.



How City can get the best out of John Stones….

John Stones: Not yet at his best

Stones has the makings of a top, top player but I get the feeling he works better with quality around him. Fair to say at the moment that’s not there.

Bravo, I’m struggle to see any positives at the moment. He must be a good keeper otherwise he wouldn’t have played for the teams he has but he just looks lost to me.

What we need in the short term is an Andy Morrison type signing, someone to drag us out of this slump whilst VK is sadly out.

HK Blue


Too early to question Pep – it HAS to be a long-term project

“Pep has been found out”? Seriously, give the guy longer than 5 months!! He’s not come here to shut up shop and scrape 1-0 wins, his style hasn’t translated immediately to the premier league nor does he have the defensive players at city to do so yet.

I’d rather City be a team talked about in 2-3 years time alongside Real Madrid, Barca and Bayern, rather than play the ‘english way’ just to get through this season.




Was Oscar sale purely to cover Chelsea’s financial deficits?

I read somewhere that we made a 76 million pound loss for the 2015-2016 financial year….67 million of that was to Adidas for breaking our agreement with them 6 years early and 8.5 million was to Jose and his backroom staff. Money was also paid out to our ex hot doc Eva….that covers the huge loss. Is this true?

Our disastrous season didn’t help matters either. Seems this year’s financials will be seriously healthy especially if we win the league. The new Nike deal will be a huge income booster as well as money made from the Oscar sale.




Matip situation is beyond a bad joke for Liverpool

The Matip situation is beyond a joke. Regardless of whether he has officially retired or not, it’s obvious to both club and country that he has no interest in being there and he made it abundantly clear. Why would you need a process to pave the way for a retirement in international football?

If his coaches knew, which they did, that Matip had no intention of playing, then surely this should be a non-issue. The Cameroon official is a bitter and twisted fool for stopping him playing football for his club.


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Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Newcastle United | BBC 19 Jan 11:51

Shelvey vital for Magpies, says Benitez

Manager Rafael Benitez says Jonjo Shelvey's return from a five-match suspension has given Newcastle a major boost.

Newcastle United – 19 Jan 11:38

Quiz! How many of Belgium?s 2013 squad can you name?

With Yannick Carrasco in the news on Thursday morning, TEAMtalk thought we’d test your knowledge on Belgian football.

The Atletico Madrid star has been linked with an £86million move to Chelsea, and while his buy-out clause is a little extreme, it does emphasise just how good Belgian football has become in recent years.

TEAMtalk has linked up with Sporcle to bring you the quiz, which will test your knowledge to the limit.

Although 2013 was before Carrasco’s Belgium breakthrough, we’re asking you to name the 23 players who did make up their squad in 2013.

It’s certainly far harder than it sounds – especially when you’re up against the clock.

Use the story comment facility box, below, to let us know how you fare.


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Newcastle United F.C. - Latest Team and Transfer News | Mail Online 19 Jan 10:55

Newcastle stand by Jonjo Shelvey after his five-match ban

The 24-year-old was also fined £100,000 and ordered to attend an FA education course after an Independent Regulatory Commission found him guilty of abusing Wolves midfielder Romain Saiss.

Newcastle United – 19 Jan 09:09

Paper Talk: Man Utd want 70m man to supply Griezmann; Carrisco link

Manchester United will spend £70million on a supply line for Antoine Griezmann, while Chelsea are hot on the trail of Yannick Carrasco, all in today’s papers.



Manchester United are planning to make a £70million move for Monaco midfielder Bernardo Silva this summer, according to a report.

The 22-year-old is the man that Jose Mourinho wants to load the bullets for Antoine Griezmann, who is another summer target, report The Sun in an exclusive.

Real Madrid are also keen on the attacking midfielder and United face a battle to sign Silva, who is managed by the agent of Mourinho, Jorge Mendes.

“United already plan to land Atletico Madrid superstar Antoine Griezmann at the end of the season in an £85m deal,” says the tabloid and they will also spend big on Silva.

He joined Monaco from Benfica for £14million deal after a loan-spell in the Principality. He can play across the midfield and has 4 goals and 4 assists this season.

The Portugal international joined Monaco from Benfica in January 2015 for £14million after a loan-spell in the Principality and is under contract until June 2020.

The playmaker can play across the midfield and has scored four goals and created four assists this season.

United were reportedly keeping an eye on Silva back in May 2016, according to Spanish title Super Deporte.

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Chelsea are among a number of clubs keen on Atletico Madrid star Yannick Carrasco, according to the Daily Star. 

The report claims Chelsea are interested the 23-year-old winger as are both Manchester giants, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

The forward only penned a new new Atletico deal in October though and is under contract with the club until 2022, but if fellow stars Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro move on then Belgium star Carrasco may also decide to depart.

Carrasco is believed to have an £86million buyout clause in his current contract.

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Chelsea and Liverpool are among a group of Premier League clubs interested in Genk’s Leon Bailey. (Sun)

Marseille are preparing a third bid for West Ham midfielder Dimitri Payet, 29, after having a £20m offer rejected. (Sky Sports)

Payet, who has been forced to train with West Ham’s youth team, is willing to take a pay cut to rejoin the French side. (Mirror)

Hammers winger Michail Antonio, 26, is set to sign a five-and-a-half-year contract worth £70,000 a week. (Guardian)

Arsenal are yet to open contract talks with midfielder Jack Wilshere, 25, winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 23, and defender Kieran Gibbs 27, despite all three having just 18 months left on their current deals. (Evening Standard)

The Gunners have rejected Juventus’ interest in Alexis Sanchez as they continue contract renewal talks with the 28-year-old forward.(Mirror)

Former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso, 35, is to retire from football when his Bayern Munich contract expires at the end of the season. (Bild)

Crystal Palace are preparing a £10m bid for Tottenham left-back Ben Davies, but Spurs want at least £20m for the 23-year-old. (Sun)

Manchester United are looking to bring Ajax’s Danish sensation Kasper Dolberg to Old Trafford this summer. (Sun)

Andros Townsend is fighting to save his Crystal Palace career – and could be ready to make a sensational return to Newcastle. (Mirror)

West Ham have made a shock move for Southampton’s want-away captain and centre-back Jose Fonte. (Mirror)

Crystal Palace are the latest club to offer Mamadou Sakho a route out of Anfield as they joined the race for his signature. (Mail)

Southampton have been rebuffed in a request to take Mamadou Sakho on loan from Liverpool. (Mail)

Real Madrid are closing in on the signing of Swedish teenage forward Alexander Isak from AIK. (Mail)

Sunderland boss David Moyes is eyeing up a move for £8.5m-rated Montpellier star Ryad Boudebouz. (Sun)

Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce has had a stunning £10m offer for Jordan Rhodes turned down by Middlesbrough. (Sun)

Burnley are weighing up a move for Norwich City winger Alex Pritchard. (Sun)

Barcelona are braced for a £44m Chinese Super League bid for Arda Turan. (Sun)

Robbie Keane has confirmed that he is being lined up by Championship clubs. (Sun)

Aston Villa have had a £6m bid for Middlesbrough striker Jordan Rhodes, 26, rejected. (Mail)

Manchester City are hopeful that summer signing Gabriel Jesus, 19, will finally receive clearance so that the forward can play in time for Saturday’s match with Tottenham. (Guardian)

Hull are close to signing Olympiakos’ 25-year-old right-back Omar Elabdellaoui. (Sky Sports)

Burnley have made a £7.5m bid for Hull’s 29-year-old midfielder Robert Snodgrass. (Mail)

The Clarets are also close to completing a £3.5m deal for Barnsley’s 26-year-old defender Marc Roberts. (Guardian)

Swansea and Everton are interested in signing Young Boys’ 27-year-old attacking midfielder Yoric Ravet. (L’Equipe)

Former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in talks to become the next manager of Norway. (Romsdals Budstikke)

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Newcastle United F.C. - Latest Team and Transfer News | Mail Online 19 Jan 02:36

Jonjo Shelvey deserved to be Newcastle captain - Benitez

Rafa Benitez had no qualms about handing Jonjo Shelvey the captain's armband on his return from suspension for using racially-aggravated language towards an opponent.

Newcastle United F.C. - Latest Team and Transfer News | Mail Online 19 Jan 00:39

Newcastle 3-1 Birmingham: Jonjo Shelvey inspires Cup win

CRAIG HOPE AT ST JAMES' PARK: The teamsheet was weak but, thanks to the returning Jonjo Shelvey, the performance was strong and Newcastle booked a place in the fourth round.

Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Newcastle United | BBC 18 Jan 23:30

Newcastle United 3-1 Birmingham City

Matt Ritchie's double helps Newcastle ease into the FA Cup fourth round with victory over fellow Championship side Birmingham at St James' Park.

Newcastle United F.C. - Latest Team and Transfer News | Mail Online 18 Jan 22:58

Plymouth 0-1 Liverpool, FA Cup results

Lucas scored his first Liverpool goal in seven years to ensure the Reds avoided an FA Cup upset at Plymouth Argyle, while Southampton and Newcastle also booked a fourth round place.

ESPN FC - Newcastle United News 18 Jan 22:53

Newcastle United 3-1 Birmingham City

Newcastle United Birmingham City 3 1 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365. Bet Now » GameCast Lineups and Stats Jonjo Shelvey returned from his five-game ban to mastermind Newcastle's progression to the FA Cup fourth round with a 3-1 replay victory over Birmingham.The England international midfielder, who was convicted of using racially aggravated language towards Wolves midfielder Romain Saiss last month despite his denials, reminded manager Rafael Benitez of what he had been missing as the Magpies booked a trip to League One Oxford in the next round.Matt Ritchie's early penalty and Yoan Gouffran's sixth...

Newcastle United – 18 Jan 22:52

Ritchie at the double as Newcastle brush Birmingham aside

Matt Ritchie scored twice with Yoan Gouffran also on target as Newcastle beat Birmingham 3-1 in the FA Cup at St James’ Park.

Talk of a brewing transfer battle between Benitez and owner Mike Ashley was forgotten on the night, although David Cotterill’s late strike set up a tense conclusion before Ritchie struck at the death.

With promotion back to the Premier League the overriding priority, Spaniard Benitez shuffled his depleted pack to the extent that he handed senior debuts to youngsters Dan Barlaser on his 20th birthday, Stuart Findlay and Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, whose claims to fame include working as a body double for Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar.

But it was Shelvey who stepped back into the limelight as his ninth-minute through-ball allowed Gouffran to escape from City skipper Paul Robinson and attempt to round keeper Adam Legzdins.

Referee Lee Probert pointed immediately to the spot after Gouffran was bundled to the ground and Ritchie converted with the minimum of fuss.

Shelvey himself tested Legzdins from distance with a dipping effort, but the keeper needed the help of a post to keep out Gouffran’s audacious flick from Achraf Lazaar’s 29th-minute cross.

However, the Frenchman increased the Magpies’ lead within six minutes when he controlled Shelvey’s free-kick with his back to goal before spinning and dispatching the ball into the bottom corner.

Ritchie would have had his second of the night three minutes before the break had his shot not come back off the inside of a post, but the lead was no more than Newcastle deserved despite Cotterill going close on three occasions during an early flurry from the visitors.

The Magpies repeatedly hit Birmingham on the counter after the break, but failed to take their chances and were made to pay when Cotterill’s mis-hit 71st-minute shot eluded keeper Matz Sels.

Substitute Lukas Jutkiewicz might have levelled five minutes later but headed over, and Ritchie finally killed off the tie in stoppage time with Shelvey once again the architect.

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Newcastle United – 18 Jan 16:55

A tribute to Kevin Keegan?s Newcastle United Entertainers

The post A tribute to Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United Entertainers appeared first on

Newcastle United F.C. - Latest Team and Transfer News | Mail Online 18 Jan 16:19

Chelsea's Costa, David Beckham, Tevez and famous bust-ups

While his future is yet to be determined, the hugs that were pictured between player and manager on Tuesday suggest things might be on the mend. That's not always the case, as Sportsmail remembers.

ESPN FC - Newcastle United News 18 Jan 07:22

Rafael Benitez insists Newcastle owner is 'happy' with current transfer policy

Rafa Benitez's Newcastle are currently sitting first on the Championship table. Rafael Benitez is confident Newcastle's bid for a return to the Premier League is safe in his hands despite owner Mike Ashley's return to the limelight. Weekend headlines suggested Ashley had stepped in during recent days to ensure his long-standing policy of signing younger players with potential sell-on value, which has been relaxed since Benitez was parachuted in to Tyneside, is reinstated as the Spaniard attempts to build upon a solid first half of the season. Benitez remains relaxed about a...

Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Newcastle United | BBC 14 Jan 21:34

Newcastle wait on Gayle muscle injury

Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez says the extent of a number of injuries, including that of striker Dwight Gayle, is unclear.

ESPN FC - Newcastle United News 14 Jan 20:44

Newcastle go top of the Championship standings after battling past the Bees

Brentford Newcastle United 1 2 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365. Bet Now » GameCast Lineups and Stats Goals from Dwight Gayle and Daryl Murphy saw Newcastle go top of the Championship standings after a 2-1 win over Brentford at Griffin Park.Lasse Vibe's second half equaliser was not enough to earn the Bees the share of the spoils their performance deserved as the Magpies withstood a late barrage to take all three points.Gayle gave the Magpies the lead after 20 minutes, racing clear down the left and cutting inside before rifling an unstoppable shot across Bees keeper Dan Bentley into the far corner.But...

Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Newcastle United | BBC 14 Jan 18:24

Brentford 1-2 Newcastle United

Daryl Murphy's first league goal for Newcastle sends his side top of the Championship in a hard-fought win at Brentford.

Latest Stories, Video, and Commentary about Newcastle United | BBC 12 Jan 16:03

Bradford sign Gilliead on loan

League One side Bradford sign Newcastle midfielder Alex Gilliead on loan until the end of the season.

ESPN FC - Newcastle United News 7 Jan 18:31

Birmingham force replay at Newcastle after home draw

Birmingham City Newcastle United 1 1 FT Game Details Live football odds with bet365. Bet Now » GameCast Lineups and Stats Newcastle failed to halt their recent slump as they were held to a 1-1 draw at Birmingham in the FA Cup third round. It was also Blues' fifth successive game without a win under Gianfranco Zola but they had every reason to be satisfied with a battling performance. Newcastle failed to take advantage of Daryl Murphy's early goal, with Birmingham striker Lukas Jutkiewicz notching his ninth of the season late in the first half. The Magpies, who made eight changes including leaving their leading marksman,...

ESPN FC - Newcastle United News 3 Jan 10:44

Newcastle want Everton's Tom Cleverley on loan - sources

Tom Cleverley has had limited game time at Everton under Ronald Koeman. Newcastle United have made an enquiry to sign Everton midfielder Tom Cleverley on loan, sources close to the player and Championship club have told ESPN FC. Cleverley has struggled to hold down a regular spot in Ronald Koeman's side so far this season, making just four starts in the Premier League, and sources said Newcastle have asked about the prospect of a loan with a view to a permanent deal in the summer. The 27-year-old joined Everton from Manchester United on a free transfer in 2015, making...

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